Peaches and Cream

On my uni course, when we get into second year we are able to choose some of our modules.
I decided to do Styling and Journalism because I’ve always had an interest in styling and thought it would be interesting to learn a bit more about it. It turned out to be my favourite module of the year so far!

For our final project we were asked to come up with a new SS16 trend, style a photo-shoot and do a magazine article for a publication of our choice. I chose Wonderland Magazine as the publication, so all that was left was choosing the trend, the clothes, the model, the location and the date. No pressure.

For my trend I came up with the idea of “peaches and cream”. Well.. it seemed like a good idea until I realised you can’t buy anything peach in winter. After rummaging around what seemed like ten thousand shops I decided to go charity shop hunting and managed to find some cute, peachy stuff there.

I asked my friend Philippa to model for me which worked out really well. She used to do ballet so we were able to use her pointe shoes which she used to do some ballerina-y poses for the shoot.

For the location I decided on Alexandra Palace as I thought it would be a great place to do a spring summer shoot and it’s close enough to my house that I could carry all of the outfits myself.

On the day of the shoot we had a little bit of a nightmare. What looked like a sunny day turned out to be the tail-end of storm frank (!?) which meant torrential rain and gale force winds. With only a few days before the deadline we decided to carry on with the shoot as planned and brave the weather.

Easier said than done. (Sorry Phil!!)

Although it was freezing and wet we managed to take some pictures under shelter at Alexandra Palace. Even with the grey background it was all peachy!

IMG_0251 copyIMG_0250 copysteps2stepspeachdress2peachdressIMG_0245IMG_0235 copy


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