Last week I had the chance to go and see London Collections: Men showroom because my friend Adam is interning for Heavy London and got me and two friends on the guest-list. Absolutely made up- me, Analise and Liv all set off for Soho.

A few of the highlights was Michiko Koshino designs which involved “plastic thing you use to blow up a paddling pool” which after checking on google I found out is actually called a valve? Who knew. Anyway they were used on a green and brown camo bomber jacket which I thought was really cool.

Na Di Studio also had a really amazing design with a clear, mesh top with a sequined landscape design which was completely different to all the other pieces. It did stand out for me as the colours were beautiful contrasting with the skin tone above it.

Obviously, Heavy London was a highlight as, with Adam interning for them I have heard a lot about the designers and thought they were fabulous. Especially Nicola Indelicato who’s designs are so simple but absolutely stand out to me amongst the others. Shout out to Adam for displaying the footwear for Heavy London in the lc:m showroom.

Finally the last designer that caught my eye was MENG who’s designs were just beautiful, silky, shiny goodness. It was the type of collection that you wouldn’t think would go together but somehow it just does. Florals, checks, blocks and stripes. You name it and it was used in the designs somewhere!

All in all we did have an amazing time and it was interesting to see the difference between mens and women’s fashion weeks.


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