What to wear for an Autumn Wedding

It’s finally October! My favourite month of the year. It’s time for scarves, coats and wooly jumpers, which I absolutely LOVE.

October is also a great month because my cousin is getting married! As excited as I am about it, it’s no exaggeration to say that finding an outfit has  absolutely consumed me for the past few months. And it’s been a nightmare. What do you actually wear for a wedding in October? Its not going to be warm outside, but it also won’t exactly be snowing (I hope) so what do you go for?

As usual I took to ASOS and the endless scrolling began. ASOS is great if you aren’t sure what style you want as they have such a wide range of brands. Depending on your price range they have a really good selection of outfits I think are appropriate for the season.

My favourite trend at the minute is metallic so I thought what better way to celebrate this season than to combine this with traditional autumnal colours?!

There was more choice than I thought there would be. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many copper, red and gold metallic items to choose from for evening wear. In the end I went for a sleek copper maxi dress, but yet to pick any shoes! The search continues..

TIP: mix and match the metals for shoes and accessories! 

All the following items were found on ASOS and are perfect for an autumn wedding.



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