Stop trying to make Crocs happen

London Fashion Week- home to the rich and famous, the successful, the elite.. and the worlds ugliest shoe?

Nestled deep within the glitz and the glamour of LFW 2016, more specifically on the runway of Christopher Kane’s SS17 collection, you will find no other than the legendary Croc.

One can only hope to assume Kane had the models health in mind when choosing what footwear to put them in for the show. Add a few gems and sequins and bobs your uncle? Maybe.

In all seriousness, he could be on to something. According to Croc, they provide a “comfortable, lightweight, non-marking and oder resistant” shoe which could really come in handy for many of us. No matter how ugly they may be, there’s no denying that some of us could use some TLC in the foot department.

Whether its a night shift at the pub, an all day lecture or the dreaded weekly food shop, this could be the answer to all your problems.

Or so you may think. Its recently come to light that Crocs may not be as beneficial for your health as you’ve been lead to believe. According to Huffpost, Dr Megan Leahy said that Crocs are not suitable for all day use. She also added that the reason for this is they do not adequately secure the heel.

Could this mean that the real reason for Christopher Kane using Crocs in his show was that he actually.. likes them? Surely not.

To top it all off, Urban Outfitters have also hopped on the band waggon by styling some crocs up to try and disguise their true horrors. Not even a pair of fishnets can save this fashion faux pas i’m afraid. 

Lets all just stop trying to make Crocs happen. 



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