Red Hot Chili Peppers, London 2016


In September this year I turned 22, and my amazing sister Aimee surprised me with tickets for us both to go and see Red Hot Chili Peppers The Getaway Tour.

This is the band I have been listening to since the age of 10 when my dad would pick us up from school and make us memorise the names and songs of all his favourite bands. Its safe to say this was at the top of my bucket list so I couldn’t believe I was going to have the chance to actually see them live.

As well as being ecstatic about the event, I also got to spend 4 days with my sister in London! Woo!

Naturally we had to take 100 photos of ourselves before we left and when we got to the O2. You can’t have any shame when you’re trying to get the perfect outfit pic.

Apart from missing one or two of my favourite songs which I could forgive because of how great the rest of them were, the show was unbelievable. The energy was amazing and everyone had the best time.



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