Esther Loves Oaf

Lazy Oaf has always been a favourite of mine, whether it be the explosion of baby pinks or the dynamic shapes that make you think “how the hell did they think of that?”- who knows, but they always seem to get it right.

The best thing about Lazy Oaf is that they somehow merge a grungy, black and white basic range with a dreamworld of tulle and pastel. There is just nothing not to like. 

Safe to say I was pretty excited when I was told about their launch night in their shop today. What untold treasures would be (Literally) in store for me? What new and unusual gems would I find nestled inside the aladdin’s cave of their London store? I was dying to find out. 

I tried to only take pictures of the things I absolutely loved, swear! It just turned out that I loved pretty much everything. If I had my way I’d have spent the night.. working my way through the free donuts and the delightful gin and pink lemonades. Both of which were delicious. 

The bunny theme seemed to run through the whole collection, which was absolutely fine by me. The soft, plushy coats and thick knit jumpers were a sight for sore eyes. Although.. a personal favourite was the black netted dress, which is a favourite in other high street stores lately such as Topshop and H&M. 

Staying true to the classic Lazy Oaf style were the pastel pink bunny rucksacks which were hung around the store. True to form, hardcore fans could be seen roaming the shop with similar bags showing their loyalty to the brand.

Its all in the detail with this collection with small embroidered patches sewn into the products. A personal favourite was the pink baseball cap with “Marie” the white kitten from Aristocats on the front. 

The collection didn’t stray too far from the usual Lazy Oaf style with their typical randomness. The white rabbit dungarees are serious wonderland style, along with the white and pink check sweater and the heart print puffer coat. 

One thing I am grateful of is being introduced to the brand Esther Loves You, who was the designer of the collaboration. She even attended the launch and gave out hand-drawn bunny pictures to those who purchased any of her designs.

Do yourself a favour and go have a look before they sell out!


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