Winter Tan

I know they’re awful for you, but I have always been a sun-bed kinda girl.

I won’t lie, if my bank account was slightly healthier I’d probably still go on them every other week religiously. Sadly that’s not the case so I have been forced to look for an alternative. Sigh.

I found myself wandering round Boots for a good half an hour before  I settled on a gradual tanning lotion. More specifically Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived body lotion in fair to medium. 

I’ve never been one to wear any sort of fake tan because I’m paranoid about the smell and looking streaky, but there’s none of that with Dove! It smells nice and is really easy to apply. It also works really quickly so I was buzzing when I woke up with a healthy glow rather than looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost. 

10/10 would recommend.




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