Alexandra Moura AW17

So this may be very belated but February ended up being an absolute nightmare for me with uni deadlines hitting me left right and centre so, posting anything had to take a back seat for a while.

Anywho, as you all probably know last month was London Fashion Week and once again I was lucky enough to have to chance to help out as a dresser backstage for the unbelievably talented Portuguese designer Alexandra Moura.

The show took place at Banking Hall which was the perfect location to match the modern yet romantic collection on the runway.

I was assigned to dress a model called Naomi and honestly, it’s always a bit intimidating when you have to physically dress models because you end up stood there looking like a bit of a weird midget .. but I love being in the middle of it all too much to let those thoughts take over.

Naomi was given two outfits for the show, the first was a suede, brown high-neck top with a blue stretchy skirt which had an oversized knot on the hem. Very sleek. The outfit was paired with a chunky black denim jacket and thigh high black boots.

The second outfit completely stole the show for me. Moura layered a sheer red floral dress over a blue and white pinstripe lining and again paired it with the same thigh highs and a ribbon in the same fabric tied around the neck.


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