Crepe City 2017

For those of you who haven’t heard of Crepe City, you need to educate yourself ASAP. Especially if you love wearing trainers because it’s kind of the be all and end all in that department. Long story short they describe themselves as  “a lifestyle, footwear and fashion festival” and it’s been going strong for 8 years. 


Lucky for me I managed to get hold of a press pass for the event this weekend so I could do a write up about it for the magazine I am working on for uni (@tackiemag). The best part of this meant that I got to stroll in past the hundreds queueing outside, press wristband on, no questions asked. 


The event was at the Old Truman Brewery and once inside you were greeted with endless stalls jam packed with as many pairs of trainers as you can imagine. 


One great thing about the event is that although it is mainly a celebration of sneakers there was also so much more to enjoy. The DJ booth, food stands, arcade games and even art work made it a great day for almost anyone. Even if you’re not that into trainers there was so much going on and I definitely think it’s worth the £15 general admission. 


For those who are obsessed with buying trainers it was an absolute field day, with exclusive releases, custom designs, cleaning services and competitions to win a free pair of Nikes. Also I can honestly say I’ve never seen so many Yeezey’s under one roof. 

IMG_3741 (1)IMG_3737.JPG

Overall I am really glad I got to go and experience it and I would definitely go again. Maybe not in a pair of dirty vans next time. 




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